Rains Pedal Steel Guitar for Trade or Sale

by Oklahoma City
(Oklahoma OK Oklahoma USA)

The S10 Rains Pedal Steel Guitar for Trade or Sale was manufactured by Rains Steel Guitar company in Texas TX. The Rains has been gently used and not used for gigging..it has never been out of the house.

The guitar has been upgraded with a custom neck/ fretboard and has had a custom pickup made by a Mosley luthier added. It plays and stays in tune great which is as all steel players know; that's a good thing. Even though this is a single neck model, it has a professional sound and is easy to play.

This instrument is of much better quality than most of the starter Steel Guitars that are priced cheap to attract beginners.
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This pedal steel guitar has:

  • 3 pedals
  • 4 knee levers ( I will add a 5th knee lever for an additional $150)

I also have another Steel like this that has more of a custom finish and a 5th knee lever that I would be willing to sell for more money because I have a 3rd one I am keeping.

The S10 in the photo above comes with a hard case and bag for traveling.

If you are aware of any problems that are known to be associated with Rains guitars or if you simply would like to voice your opinion or write a review you are more than
welcome to do so using the space below that has been provided by EasyGuitarGuyLessons Rains Pedal Steel Guitar for Trade or Sale as well your making comments or sharing any information that you have on it to make our community of guitar players aware of any problems that are commonly associated with the Rains brand or to highlight its positive features and help potential buyers make informed decisions.


My asking price for the guitar is a cheap $1400 but I am mainly looking to trade for a Fender Telecaster or other guitars and may consider other things if they are something I have an idea of their value or can use.

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by: Anonymous

The Rains has been SOLD!

what is the copedance
by: Anonymous

what is the copedance

by: Anonymous

I have a brand new duesenbereg Pomona 6 multibender lap steel worth $2500. I would trade. I live in Canada but don't mind shipping if you dont mind.

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