Free 12 Bar Blues Chord Progression in A9 D9 & E9

This free video guitar lesson features an easy 12 bar blues chord progression in A9. This three chord guitar progression includes three chords of A9, D9 and E9. The technique in this demonstration is for the intermediate or advanced guitar player who has mastered barre chords .

You will hear blues guitar chord progressions similar to the one demonstrated in this guitar lesson in recordings of famous blues artists like Eric Clapton, Freddie King, Hubert Sumlim (Howlin' Wolf's guitar player) and brothers, Jimmie and Stevie Ray Vaughn and many others.

After you're finished with that, you're ready for the next video teaching three chord progressions for the guitar that every blues guy needs to know, a blues chord progression using the A7, D7 and E7 chords.

For those of you who found these exercises difficult, go back and practice on the basic A, D, and E guitar chord progression until you're ready for the advanced variations.

If you find yourself having problems with either of the above exercises, go back and practice the basic A, D, and E guitar chord progression until you're ready for the advanced 12 bar blues chord progression variations that include the more difficult barre chords.

The best advice I can offer to those of you just starting to learn how to play blues guitar is to focus as much on the feel of the music as the technicalities of playing it. The blues is an emotional musical genre that is more difficult to play than you might think. I have watched experienced players (who have forgotten more about music theory than I'll ever know) that laughed in my face when I told them it was more difficult than they thought, fall flat. The African Americans living in Mississippi could have cared less about theory but they knew how to play the blues and play it right.

Practice your 12 bar blues guitar chord progressions with a little emphasis on feeling and you will most likely be playing head and shoulders above more accomplished musicians who don't know the secret in a very short time.

Practice the 12 bar blues chord progression in A9 until you get it down and then come back to Easy Guitar Guy's Free Guitar Lessons to see more videos to help you learn how to play blues guitar FAST.