59 Fender Bassman Amp

by Dade City
(Florida FL)

The 59 Fender Bassman Amp for sale is a Fender Bassman 59 Ltd edition that is in mint condition! Never played out, perfect condition.

The Bassman has been reported to be SRV's favorite! Keep reading to see all of the reasons why any guitar player would love this amplifer!

The Fender '59 Bassman LTD is a 45-watt tube Guitar Amplifier with:
  • (Jensen P-10R) 4 x 10"
  • two channels, normal and bright tone
  • Chrome control panel
  • Pine, solid finger-jointed cabinet

  • GT-6L6-GE output tubes
  • standby switch
  • natural sublime distortion
  • Standby switch

Controls feature:
  • middle, bass
  • treble
  • volume (bright channel)
  • volume (normal channel)

The amp's covering is the genuine lacquered tweed with an oxblood, striped grille cloth.

In my opinion, there is no finer 1959 Fender Bassman for sale in Florida (FL), on Craigslist or in an Ebay auction as this one so hurry and make an offer before it gets away from you!

Anyone with experience with the Fender 59 Bassman is welcome to write a review or share their opinions using the space below that has been provided by Easy Guitar Guy's Free Guitar Lessons.

My asking price for the 59 Fender Bassman Amp for sale is a very cheap $750!

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