How to Play an A Chord on the Guitar
Free Lesson and A Guitar Chord Diagram

This lesson and chord diagram shows how easy it is to play an A chord on the guitar. Beginners can take the A guitar chord diagram and use it in combination with the pictures to learn how to make an A major guitar chord so they can get started playing real music!

The A major guitar chord diagram should be easy enough to understand but if it's not I took an actual picture of my fingers on the neck of my Gibson while making a A major guitar chord.

Easy Guitar Guy's A Major guitar chord diagram

This Video Guitar Lesson Will Show Beginners How to Make an A Guitar Chord

Here is a closeup showing how to position your fingers on the fretboard of the guitar.

Guitar player showing how to make an A major guitar chord

For those of you who prefer reading written instructions, I will tell you exactly where to place your fingers and tell you how to make an A chord on the guitar in just a few easy steps.

To play the A guitar chord place your:

  1. 1st finger (index finger) on the 4th string in the second (2nd) fret
  2. 2nd finger (middle finger) on the 3rd string in the second fret
  3. 3rd finger (ring finger) on the 2nd string in the second fret

How to Strum the Guitar When Making an A Chord

You will strum all of the strings of the guitar when making an A guitar chord EXCEPT the 6th string which, as you can see, is marked by that RED X that I told you about.

Playing these five strings but not the sixth may seem difficult at first and your fingers may get a little sore but but before you know it you'll have callouses on your fingertips and playing the A Major chord on the guitar will become second nature.

When you get really good at making the A chord, consider learning the D chord and the E chord on the guitar next (if you haven't already learned them). When you get these three behind you; you will really start to play songs and have fun.

After you master the A, D and E chords we will be ready to play our first chord progression and dig deep into Easy Guitar Guy's Free Guitar Lessons. Start wood shedding and learn how to play an A chord on the guitar so we can leave all this basic stuff behind us.