Free A Minor Guitar Chord Progression Video Lesson

Beginners as well as advanced players will enjoy our Free Am A Minor guitar chord progression video lesson. The chords used are Am, Dm, Em and then back to the Am guitar chord.

In the first segment, you will see the three chord shapes demonstrated followed by the progression played slowly using a basic strumming pattern.

After you watch this portion of the video, practice it to get an understanding of how the chords work together and follow each other. Advanced players can skip to the more advance part of the Am guitar chord progression but beginners should start at the beginning and stick with it until they can make smooth changes and are ready to move on to a faster strum.

Three Minor Guitar Chords Used

Em E Minor guitar chord diagram
Em Guitar
Am A Minor guitar chord diagram
Guitar Chord
Bm B Minor guitar chord diagram
Bm Guitar

Please make plans to visit Easy Guitar Guy again soon to see more free guitar lessons and more Am A minor guitar chord progressions.