Easy Basic Blues Guitar Chord Progression Lesson

The free basic blues guitar chord progression lesson that you will see in the video on this page is an easy one that includes easy chords that beginners can handle, the A, D and E major chords. You know how I'm always harping about learning those chords so we can play real songs? Well, you are about to see one of the many, many reasons why I wear myself (and you) out on the subject.

This is the kind of lesson that will keep those of you who are just starting to learn to play guitar from getting bored and using your guitar as a door stop or something. There are lots of blues songs that we can start to play using the blues chord progression that you are about to learn as a foundation so quit whining and let's get started.

Basic Blues Guitar Chord Progression Lesson

The chords that you will need to learn to play along with this easy blues chord progression lesson are the:

A major guitar chord chart diagram
A Guitar
D major guitar chord chart diagram
D Guitar
D major guitar chord chart diagram
E Guitar

See how easy it was to play that basic blues guitar chord progression? And to think that you just had to know three of the basic guitar chords out of the fifteen that you need to enjoy most of the free guitar lessons that Easy Guitar Guy has ready for you on this website.

While it's true that blues music makes good use of 7th and 9th chord substitutions; I'm bending the rules a little with this basic guitar chord progression lesson to keep beginners interested in staying in the game and not calling it quits before they start to realize just how much fun they can have at every skill level.

As I've said before; the key to making kids actually want to pick up their instrument and practice chord shapes and playing exercises is to show them that they can actually play real songs. It doesn't help to tell them that someday they will be playing 12 bar blues like nobody's business. It's better to shut up, teach them a few basic blues guitar chord progressions and show them they can play easy guitar songs right now!

And if you think this has been a blast, stay tuned; you never know what's next at www.EasyGuitarGuyLessons.com.