Learn How to Play Basic Beginner Guitar Chords With Our Free Easy Guitar Chords Lessons

Our easy beginner guitar chords lessons teach you how to play guitar chords that you will use to play 1000s of songs. These basic guitar chords are the foundation of an extensive system so it's crucial that they be mastered. BUT I don't expect you to learn them all at once and it's not necessary to learn them all before you start to play REAL songs.

How to Play Guitar Chords Using Easy Guitar Guy's Chord Diagrams

At the top of each chord's page you will see a box or grid that represents the strings and the frets on the fingerboard with the name of the beginner guitar chord in red letter(s). The six vertical lines represent the 6 strings of the guitar and the horizontal lines are the fret wires. Look to the right of the diagram to see which frets you're working in.

E major guitar chord diagram
E Guitar
E7 chord guitar chord diagram E seventh
E7 Guitar
Em E minor chord guitar chord diagram
Em Guitar
A major guitar chord
A Guitar
A7 guitar chord diagram
A7 Guitar
A minor guitar chord chart diagram
A minor
Guitar Chord
D guitar chord tab diagram
D Guitar
D7 guitar chord diagram
D7 Guitar
D Minor Dm guitar chord diagram
Guitar Chord
C major chord guitar chord diagram
C Guitar
C7 chord guitar chord diagram
C7 Guitar
G major chord guitar chord diagram
G Guitar
G7 chord guitar chord diagram
G7 Guitar
B7 chord guitar chord diagram
B7 Guitar
F chord guitar chord diagram
F Guitar

The point of the numbered, red guitar pick graphics Easy Guitar Guy's Lessons chord indicator shows the number of the string that where the player must put each of his or her fingers.

A string with NO guitar pick graphic should be played open or unfretted.

The red "X" tells you that string should not be played when making the chord and a guitar pick graphic without a number indicates an optional note.

Chord diagram

You also should memorize the "name" of each string. The:
  • first (1st) string is "E"
  • second (2nd) string is "B"
  • third (3rd) string is "G"
  • fourth (4th) string is "D"
  • fifth (5th) string is "A"
  • sixth (6th) string is "E"

When we master these beginner guitar chords we can then move on to playing guitar chord progressions and more advanced chords.

Since we want to start playing songs as soon as possible, let's start with three relatively easy chords that form a chord progression (more on them later) in the Key of A.

  • A
  • D
  • E

If you are interested in learning how to play chords on the guitar starting with the VERY EASIEST, start with the three E chords:

  • E major - E
  • E seventh - E7
  • E minor - Em

Make plans to visit Easy Guitar Guy again soon to see more FREE guitar lessons and please tell your friends that are just starting to learn that we have ALL the beginner guitar chords ready for them in one place.