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Easy Guitar Guy has LOTS of free beginner guitar lessons that are easy so that you can learn how to play guitar fast. You will find tips on choosing the best guitar for a beginner, electric or acoustic, and chords for easy guitar songs that won't SOUND easy.. all the better to impress your friends.

Those of you that already have a guitar can skip the first section and start playing but if you are looking for a beginner guitar you will not want to miss this.

The Best Guitar for a Beginner for Less Than a $100

Why people jump out and buy a guitar for a beginner that costs hundreds or thousands of dollars is just plain crazy.

Fender acoustic guitar

My advice is to keep the initial investment low because once you start to play you are going to want to buy amps, pedals and lots of other stuff that musicians need (and want). But guess what..spending too much is not the biggest mistake beginners make.

The biggest mistake ever is to try and play a guitar that was dug out of the closet or that somebody gave away just because it's FREE. If it's a good guitar and the action is set right; go for it! But if it's a hunk of junk don't shoot yourself in the foot before you ever get started. Buy a decent playing guitar. You'll probably get your investment back and then some when you play your first gig.

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