Easy Blues Chord Progressions for the Guitar with Variations

This free lesson features a video of easy blues chord progressions for guitar that are simple enough for beginners starting with chords, A, D and E that can be used to play many popular blues songs. After mastering the basics of this technique we will begin to add chords, A7, D7 and E7 (and lots more) to mix it up and create variations that will keep things interesting.

Do yourself a favor and buy some recordings of great blues artists like Little Walter, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Robert Johnson, Elmore James, Sonny Boy Williamson, Magic Sam, Fred McDowell and Mississippi John Hurt and experience the raw emotion that comes through their music. The worst mistake ANYBODY could ever make is to write these compositions off as "simple". The ability to play blues, and play it well, goes far beyond any 12 bar blues chord progression but that's where we are going to start.

Free Blues Chords and Progressions Video Lessons

Free Blues Chords and Progressions Video Lessons for Beginners and Advanced or Intermediate Players

Blues guitar chord progressions

This BASIC Blues Guitar Chord Progressions page is the best place for beginners. The easy A,D,E chords will teach them the basics and help them to get a better understanding of blues music.

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A7 D7 E7 Blues guitar chord progression video

This easy guitar chord progression lesson features the basic A7, D7, E7 chords. This A7 D7 E7 blues guitar chord progression will give blues fans just starting to find their way on the fretboard of the guitar a good start.

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Blues guitar chord progression video lesson

This video features a 12 bar blues chord progression using the A9, D9 and E9 chords. This lesson touches on the basics but may be too advanced for beginners that haven't mastered more difficult chord shapes.

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guitar chord progression video

These videos contain so many chord progression exercises that you will be busy for a long time. I have included basic and advanced guitar chord progressions as well as tips on strumming techniques.

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The chords that you will need to learn to play along with the beginner blues chords video are the:

A major guitar chord chart diagram
A Guitar
D major guitar chord chart diagram
D Guitar
D major guitar chord chart diagram
E Guitar

There are also guitar chord progression lessons for intermediate or advanced players that can make barre chords.

12 Bar Blues Guitar Chord Progressions in A7 D7 E7

12 Bar Blues Guitar Chord Progressions in A9 D9 E9

And the great thing is that these videos are just the first of many blues guitar lessons yet to come!

I kept the first video very simple with the most basic strumming pattern and easy basic blues guitar chords A, D and E so that beginners can start playing FAST and be prepared for more advanced blues chord progressions when we are ready to move on.

The advanced lessons are there ready and waiting to be added to your practice list when you are ready to turn up the volume and kick things up a notch but don't rush it; they aren't going anywhere.

How to Play Blues Guitar and Play it Right

Blues music has a unique sound. All music is sound (duh) but as you listen, learn and play more of this genre you will get a feel for it and see that it's about more than the mechanics of playing. The blues is played as much with your heart and soul as it is your hands. To quote the late, great Little Walter Jacobs, "Blues with a feeling. That's what I have today". Hopefully, in these lessons you will learn to approach your music in an emotional way that will bring a depth to your performance that any audience will appreciate.

Please make plans to visit Easy Guitar Guy again soon to see the latest that will help you learn to play guitar in whatever style you choose including some soulful guitar licks and riffs right out of the Mississippi Delta, Memphis or Chicago using our videos demonstrating blues chord progressions.