Learn How to Play Blues Guitar Chords, Progressions and Music

Easy Guitar Guy's videos feature blues guitar chords, chord progressions and original blues guitar music and songs written by none other than Easy Guitar Guy himself; that's me. Hopefully, my free blues guitar lessons will inspire you to practice hard so that you can play like you were born in the Mississippi Delta and write your own compositions that will make me (and yourself, of course) very proud.

It's very gratifying to pass along the licks that I learned from some of the best blues guitar players that ever lived like Mississippi John Hurt, Muddy Waters and so many more. My goal is to build a collection of free blues guitar lessons that includes videos of all the blues licks and riffs that I know to make it easy for beginners just starting to learn.

Blues guitar chord progressions

Our Blues Chord Progressions is a great place for beginners to start to learn the basics of how chords work in their favorite blues music. Advanced players and fans of blues music will find a few new tricks.

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A7 D7 E7 Blues guitar chord progression video

This easy blues chord progression lesson features the basic A7, D7, E7 chords. The A7 D7 E7 blues chord progression is a great place for blues lovers just beginning to learn their way around the guitar's fretboard to start.

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Blues guitar chord progression video lesson

This lesson features a 12 bar blues chord progression using the A9, D9 and E9 chords. This video teaches the basics but is only suitable for beginners who have mastered these more advanced chord shapdes.

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guitar chord progression video

This page has an easy chord progression exercise for beginners using the basic A, D and E chord shapes. The exercise is a basic blues chord progression perfect for those of you just starting to learn.

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7th and 9th Blues Guitar Chords

If you haven't already learned the 15 basic guitar chords, now's the time to take care of that while putting special emphasis on 7th chord since blues music features a lot of 7th and 9th chords. Beginners will find free 12 bar blues guitar chord lessons on this site using A7, D7 and E7 chords that are easy to play when you're just starting to learn.

Electric or Acoustic Blues

It makes no difference whether you practice the blues guitar chord progressions in the videos on an old, used guitar an expensive electric or acoustic guitar just so long as you practice and play often. You will soon realize that your success relies more on maintaining finger position, control and developing proper playing technique than what kind of guitar you use. It's important to have the best guitar for your body and hand size and have it set up properly to avoid straining muscles and unnecessary fatigue so that you can practice longer!

I hope that you enjoy playing the blues guitar chords, progressions and blues guitar music that you found here and that you will make Easy Guitar Guy's free guitar lessons a frequent online destination.