Easy Blues Guitar Songs! Free Blues Guitar Lessons with Chords

Our FREE blues guitar lesson videos will demonstrate how to play easy blues guitar songs and chords on both acoustic and electric guitar. It's possible even for beginners to learn to play some of the best blues songs on guitar with a little practice.

Learn all 15 of the basic guitar chords, watch the 12 bar blues chord progressions lessons and start playing; it's that simple. As I've said so many times before, the mechanics of the blues are easy. Some of the best blues guitar songs ever written can be played correctly by a beginner after one or two lessons but getting the right feel for the music takes time. Speaking of lessons, you might want to spend some time watching the free blues guitar lessons to pick up a few tips on how to play common licks and riffs. After you take care of that, there are lots of blues songs to learn on guitar so let's get started.

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Howling Wolf Style 

Guitar Songs Lessons

Our Howling Wolf style guitar lessons kicks off with one of my favorite blues songs that Howlin Wolf ever recorded, 44 Blues. This old song has two uniquely played guitar parts with hammer ons, pull offs, distortion and all sorts of cool stuff.

Stevie Ray Vaughan style slow blues guitar song lesson 


This series of blues guitar song lesson videos features sliding chords, trils and a few Stevie Ray style licks that I incorporate into some original Mississippi blues songs that I wrote.

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Free Bo Diddley blues style Guitar songs and chord progressions video lessons

Learn how to play your favorite Bo Diddley blues songs on guitar by watching this series of free videos that will demonstrate how to play chords, licks and riffs filled with the soulful sounds of this famous artist that continues to inspire so many.

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Blues and blues 

rock guitar lessons video

My series of blues guitar lessons features easy blues chords and chord progressions for beginners and advanced blues guitar licks and strumming techniques.

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