Free Bo Diddley Road Runner Guitar Lesson Video

This free guitar lesson will show you how easy it is to play Bo Diddley Road Runner guitar riffs and licks. Out of all the classic Bo Diddley songs, in my opinion, Road Runner has some of the funkiest riffs. So funky, that they are found in lots of songs which is why we're going to learn how to play them.

In the video I focus on a popular riff that runs through many famous rock and roll, blues and rhythm and blues songs. By learning common patterns, beginners can quickly expand the list of songs that they can play.

As you will see in the video, we will be playing in the Key of E and the note we will start on is the E on the 6th string.

Written Instructions

The following notes are played over the E chord

After starting out on the 6th string, the next note played is




Next we will go to the 5th guitar string and we will play a



and then a


When we change our chord to the A our starting note will be an








When the chord is B7 the notes that are being played are







That's all there is to the picking pattern.

NOW....let's talk about the chords and how many beats they get.

We will be playing a total of 12 bars in 4/4 time.

Each bar of music will get 4 beats and we will begin on the E.

We will play:

4 bars of E with each bar getting 4 beats

2 bars of A with each bar getting 4 beats

change back to the E and play

2 bars of E with each bar getting 4 beats

Go to the B7

Play 1 bar of B7 with that one bar getting 4 beats

Change to the A

Play 1 bar of A with that one bar getting 4 beats

Change to the E

Play 1 bar of E with that one bar getting 4 beats

Play 1 bar of B7 with that one bar getting 4 beats

Start over at the beginning.

What we have just is nothing but 12 bar blues.

All of the above instructions are included in the video but some players like to have a print out that they can put on their music stand rather than having to fast forward or rewind to find instructions for the step they are on.

Disclaimer: To avoid copyright violations, I am unable to play the entire Bo Diddley Road Runner song or duplicate the guitar parts exactly. Yeah, it sucks but what can I say..I don't own the songs and can't afford to pay for permission to have them on my website.

That being said, the lesson will help players to develop the skills to play a number of songs that have a similar guitar riff.

Once you master the Bo Diddley Road Runner guitar riffs, visit Easy Guitar Guy again to check out more free guitar lessons that will give you the skills to play your favorite Bo Diddley songs and many, many more.