Free C7 Guitar Chord Lesson Online for Beginners

In this lesson, you will learn how to make a C7 guitar chord. The C7 chord on the guitar can be mastered by following the chart and photos in our FREE lesson that include everything you need to know regarding proper finger position as well as strumming instructions.

The C7 on guitar is one of the 15 basic chords that every beginner needs and you will be using four fingers instead of three to make this one which makes it slightly challenging, so let's get started.

To play a C7 chord on the guitar you will place your:

1st finger (index finger) on the second (2nd) string in the first (1st) fret

2nd finger (middle finger) on the fourth (4th) string in the second (2nd) fret

3rd finger (ring finger) on the fifth (5th) string in the third (3rd) fret

and (here's where the fun starts)

4th finger (pinky) on the third (3rd) string in the third (3rd) fret

You can see an example of correct finger position for the C7 guitar chord in the following picture.

How to Strum C7 on Guitar

To play a guitar C7 chord you will strike the first FIVE (5) strings of the guitar ONLY. Do NOT include the 6th string as is indicated by the RED "X" that you see in the above chart.

Omitting the sixth string when you strum the chord will take some practice but after a few tries you'll have the strumming pattern and the finger position added to your growing repertoire.

If you haven't already done it, please learn how to make the E chord, the A chord and the D chord that will play a part in the first chord progressions that are featured in many easy guitar songs so that you can start to enjoy your music even before you learn how to play a C7 on guitar. After you learn those chords we can start playing real music and start to work on some advanced chord shapes and strumming techniques. Learn these three easy, basic chords before you progress to any of the others and practice making changes until you can easily change from one chord to the other without stopping to place your fingers.

The C7 chord is on our list of the 15 basic guitar chords that you will need to know to learn guitar in Easy Guitar Guy's Free Lessons. After you learn these, practice making a C7 guitar chord because it's one that you'll use regularly.