CAGED Guitar Chords System Lesson No. 1 - C Chord

The C chord is the first of our CAGED guitar chords video lessons. As I explained on the previous page; this is an easy method geared toward helping beginners learn the basics and giving them a quick start that will further their relationship with the guitar fretboard and get them playing FAST.

The CAGED guitar system can be used to improve any player's skills and get them prepared for cracking a few books on the theory. Chances are that if you will watch Easy Guitar Guy's videos that you will go beyond thumbing through a few pages filled with chord charts.

Now you know that the caged guitar method isn't about the teacher putting you in a cage and forcing you to learn chords or do homework; CAGED is just an acronym for the five basic guitar chords:

If you need to you can go back and review all 15 of the beginner guitar chords to refresh yourself on the basics before moving on with the next caged guitar chords lesson.

The way I see it is that every beginner has some choices.

They can:

1. buy a stack of books teaching the CAGED guitar system and spend months (or years) studying theory

2. say "forget it" and do their best to learn to play the best way they can

3. watch the free guitar lessons and learn the basic CAGED guitar chords as demonstrated in my videos AND buy a book teaching the theory behind the method and pick up some pointers while they are learning to play some easy guitar songs

I would say that option No. 3 is the clear winner in that list of choices. Nothing against books, but (to me) they are boring and I've seen too many beginners with natural talent and potential quit before learning to play the guitar because they didn't relate. My teaching method gives kids (and adults) just starting to learn a hint of how fun the guitar can be very early and keeps them playing.

Looking forward to picking up the guitar and playing it as often as possible is the ultimate goal. In my opinion, actually playing CAGED guitar chords is 100 times more beneficial than sitting around reading the theory behind the system. Reading has its place but jamming with your band is a whole lot more fun.