CAGED Guitar Chords System Lesson No. 2 - A Chord

The A chord is the second of our CAGED guitar chords video lessons. As I explained on the previous pages; this is a simplified method geared toward helping beginners to learn the basics and giving them a good foundation and relationship with the guitar fretboard.

The CAGED guitar method of playing chords can be used to improve any player's skills. The most important thing that I want you (or parents) to know is that so many musicians start out to learn the system, buy a few theory books on the subject, scanned a couple of chapters and quit because all of the charts were too advanced for their level. That is why my lessons take the KISS approach.

What you should know after watching the video lesson is that the caged guitar system has nothing to do with being locked in a cage and being forced to learn to play guitar chords.

CAGED stands for five (5) basic guitar chords not imprisonment. The chords included are the:

As you follow along, you can go back and review all 15 of the beginner guitar chords to cover the basics as well as the C CAGED guitar chords lesson that I recorded before moving on with the next caged guitar chords lesson.

As a side note I would like to mention a pattern I've noticed among people just starting to learn to play guitar.


1. buy a collection of the best CAGED guitar system books they can afford and spend months (if not years) studying theory and stare at their axe rather than play it.

2. skip learning the method and just learn to play the best way they can without it

3. take advantage of Easy Guitar Guy's free guitar lessons and learn CAGED guitar chords as demonstrated AND buy some books with information on the theory and pick up some tips as they are learning to play some easy guitar songs

In my opinion, option No. 3 would be the big winner in that list of choices. I have nothing against music books, except they will bore you to tears and I've seen books discourage many gifted players and cause them to quit before learning the first note because they were bored and/or intimidated.

My teaching method may not meet the approval of experts on the method but I know it works. My way gives kids (and adults) just starting to learn a sense of accomplishment and keeps them from quitting before they ever get started.

I've found in teaching 100s of kids, the key is to make it fun so they will pick up the instrument and play it because they are enjoying themselves. And let's face it; learning to play CAGED guitar chords isn't very entertaining even if it's helpful. Following the KISS method for the CAGED system is a great way to keep a student engaged and actually playing.