CAGED Guitar Chords System Lesson No. 3 - G Chord

The G chord is the third lesson in our series of easy CAGED guitar chords video lessons. As I explained in the first three videos; I teach beginners an easy method geared toward helping them learn the basics to give them a quick start that will get them playing FAST.

The CAGED guitar system can be used to improve anybody's playing skills. I've been playing a long time and I learn something new every time I read a chapter. But the facts are that most musicians go no further than to buy a books on the theory, scan a few pages and then use the book to level a coffee table or as a door stop.

Why? Because the CAGED chord charts in the books are so complex they made their head spin.That's why I came up with the KISS CAGED guitar system which is a greatly simplified method that can be used in a practical application.

After you watch the video you should at least have learned that the caged guitar system isn't about going to jail and learning to play guitar in a cage.

CAGED is just an acronym for these five guitar chords that you probably already know how to play.


The letters just happen to spell a word and that makes them easier to remember, that's all.

If you haven't learned or have forgotten these basic chord shapes, you can go back and review all of the beginner guitar chords to refresh yourself on the basics before moving on with the next caged guitar chords lesson.

When I first came across this system I felt I had three choices.

I could:

1. buy a bunch of books that claimed they could teach me the CAGED guitar system and spend a lot of time reading and studying theory

2. keep playing the way I always had since that was already working pretty well

3. sort through all the unnecessary stuff in the books and come up with an easier system

Number three was the option of choice with Number 2 a close runner up.

When I developed my version of learning CAGED guitar chords, I never dreamed I would have a website offering free guitar lessons or be teaching all of you the basic CAGED guitar chords as demonstrated in my videos but that's not important.

What IS important is that you buy a good book that explains the theory behind the method and pick up some pointers while you are learning to play some easy guitar songs

I wish I could tell you that those instruction manuals are exciting but the truth is that they are boring. So boring that way too many kids with more ability that I'll ever have will probably quit before learning to play the guitar because they are overwhelmed by too much information. The way I teach this method keeps the interest level up by letting them know how much fun the guitar can be even though some of the process can be a grind.

The trick is to keep the newbies excited about picking up the guitar and playing it as often as possible. Actually playing CAGED guitar chords isn't that terrible just reading the theory behind the system is pretty awful.

All that reading is best introduced in combination with playing some easy guitar songs to keep the player interested and engaged. That's why my technique is head and shoulders above the others; I keep my students playing and they don't want to quit.