CAGED Guitar Chords System Lesson No. 4 - E Chord

This CAGED guitar chords system lesson covers the E chord position. It is the fourth lesson in our series of easy CAGED guitar chords videos so you may have heard all this before but just in case you dropped in on the middle I will repeat the intro of the first three videos; what you will learn here is an easy (ier) method geared toward helping beginners learn the basics to give them a quick start that will get them playing FAST.

Is it all you will ever need to know or all you can learn about the CAGED guitar system? No way. These videos can be used to improve anybody's playing skills and take some of the intimidation and mystery out of the CAGED method which is pretty complicated but it's not the "be all end all" on the method by any means.

The CAGED E Guitar Chord Video Demonstration

Assuming that as you read this that you have watched the above video as well as the first three, you have now most likely passed 80% of beginner guitar players seeking information about how to use the CAGED guitar chords system in their musical pursuits. Most musicians that I know buy one (or more) recommended books on the theory, scan the first chapter or so and then never open the book again.

This is because the CAGED chord charts in the books are so mind boggling that they feel defeated before they ever begin. That's why I started teaching what I fondly refer to as the KISS CAGED guitar system including:

I learned to play the guitar when I was a kid and I still learn something new every day. And as far as this system is concerned; well, I realize how much I don't know every time I open the book. These videos are my interpretation of the CAGED Guitar System, not for Dummies, but for players with very little patience or tolerance for dull books with endless pages filled with charts.

But now the secret is out; this method is simply about building more knowledge of basic chord shapes and how they work. After you have learned all 15 of the beginner guitar chords and practiced making the caged guitar chords in this and the first three free guitar lessons, you are ready to move to the next video, the D.