Master the Guitar Fretboard with CAGED Guitar Chords D Chord Lesson

After the FREE D CAGED guitar chords lesson, the guitar fretboard will be your playground. That's kind of like saying "the world is your oyster" in a musical kind of way. As I explained in the first four videos; these lessons are to give beginners an easy to understand starting point that will let them know that they CAN learn this method.

If you've stuck with me through the last four lessons, by now you should see how learning this technique will improve your playing skills. Congratulations are in order because most players never get past the first few chapters (or pages) in even the simplest books for beginners written on this theory.

CAGED D Guitar Chord System Video Lesson

After watching all five of the videos, you should now know your way around the guitar fretboard pretty well. If you would like to go back and review any of the CAGED guitar chords, here are the first four:



Don't the books on the CAGED guitar system have diagrams and pictures showing how to make the chord shapes on the guitar fretboard?´╗┐


You bet they do! Enough to choke a mule! I never said that you should not go out and buy a good book that explains the theory behind the method and pick up some pointers while you are learning to play some easy guitar songs. After I've explained the basics, you will have a better understanding and be better prepared to learn and use the advanced lessons in the manuals.


Will watching these videos keep me from being bored with the books?


Will the charts in the books be more exciting just because you've gone through my lessons? You wish! Only a certain kind of student will ever find those books anything but boring. Even the most talented among us consider them a big yawn and quit before they ever get started. But the way I teach this method helps to keep beginners from becoming totally overwhelmed and throwing in the towel prematurely.

If you've gotten this far along in Easy Guitar Guy's free guitar lessons you should now know the 15 basic chord shapes (but if for some reason you do not, please review all of the beginner guitar chords and learn the basics) and have a good start on mastering 5 caged guitar chords which is a great start!