Free Cm Chord Progression for Guitar Video Lesson

This free video guitar lesson features a Cm chord progression for guitar demonstration. The video starts off with instructions that will help beginners learn to make the necessary chords and an easy strumming pattern and then moves on to techniques that will be useful to advanced players.

Kids (or adults) just starting to learn to play guitar will want to start at the beginning and practice the chords and strumming technique until they are able to manage smooth changes and have a good understanding of how the chords sound and work together. Advanced players can watch as much as they need of this part of the video (hey, there's always something we can learn) and then fast forward to the last half of the C minor guitar chord progression lesson.

The following video features a Cm chord progression for guitar including the Cm, Fm and Gm chords.

Cm C Minor guitar barre chord diagram
Cm Guitar
Fm F Minor guitar chord diagram
Guitar Chord
Gm G Minor guitar chord diagram
Gm Guitar

Please make plans to visit Easy Guitar Guy again soon to see more of our free guitar lessons and videos that will help you learn another Cm chord progression for guitar that will give you an opportunity to add a few songs to your set list.