Common Country Chord Progressions for the Guitar

This video guitar lesson covers common country chord progressions for the guitar. I will explain the theory behind country guitar chord progressions as well as cover some strumming techniques before we move on to some easy songs for beginners.

It's a common misconception that certain chords are used to play country music. There is no such thing as "rock and roll chords, "country guitar chords" or "gospel music chords". You may not want to tell your granny this but the exact, same chord shapes that we use to play gospel are the same ones used to play blues, rock and roll AND country music. The only difference is in the way that musicians play them.

Common Country Guitar Chord Progressions

Now that we have a good understanding of chords and that they are neither country or rock by nature, I would like to mention that the 15 beginner guitar chords that I keep harping on are the most popular chords in country music songs.

Common Keys

The five (5) most common keys used in country songs are:

  1. C
  2. G
  3. D
  4. A
  5. E

Try playing the following basic chords together that are commonly used in country songs.

  1. C | F | G7
  2. G | C | D7
  3. D | G | A7
  4. A | D | E7
  5. E | A | B7

There is a lot of theory behind "why" these chords figure prominantly in country guitar music that has to do with their unique energy (dissonance) and their need to resolve themselves into a following chord due to the presence of a tritone..but if you came here looking for country chord progressions for the guitar chances are that's a little deeper than you want to dig this early in the game.

Theory can be dry; but as boring as it is, it WILL give you a better understanding of music. Will having a headful of trivia make you a better player? I don't think so but there are many musical masters that would beg to differ.

The thing is that young people just learning to play guitar who should learn it don't want to and adults don't have time. My advice is to spend the majority of your time playing and practicing and keep the rest on a need to know basis.

Please make plans to visit Easy Guitar Guy again soon to find more free guitar lessons and country chord progressions for country music fans.