Learn How to Make a D Chord on the Guitar

Free D Guitar Chord Diagram

It's EASY to learn how to make a D chord on the guitar with our pictures and chord diagram showing you how. The most inexperienced beginners can take our D guitar chord diagram, use it in combination with the photo in this FREE lesson and be playing it like a professional in no time flat.

Easy Guitar Guy's D guitar chord diagram and tab

The D guitar chord diagram should be easy enough to follow but if it's not we are happy to supply you with an actual picture of my fingers on the neck of the guitar making the chord.

Guitar player showing how to make a D chord on the guitar

For those of you who best follow the written word, here are instructions on where to put your fingers that will tell you how to make a D chord on the guitar in three (3)easy steps.

To play the D guitar chord place your:

1st finger (index finger) on the 3rd string in the second (2nd) fret
2nd finger (middle finger) on the first (1st) string in the second fret
3rd finger (ring finger) on the second (2nd) string in the third fret

How to Strum the Guitar When Making a D Chord
You will strum the first FOUR (4) strings of the guitar ONLY when making a D guitar chord. Do NOT strum the 5th or 6th strings as are indicated by the RED X's that you see in the above diagram.

Avoiding those last two strings when you strum will take a little practice but after a few tries you'll have have the strumming pattern and the finger position on the guitar down with no problem.

If you haven't done so already, after you learn how to make a D guitar chord, learn how to make an E chord and the A chord so we can start working on chord progressions and start to play some songs. Once you get the A, the D chord and the E out of the way we can really start playing.

Since the D chord plays an important part in our A, D, E chord progression you will need to know how to play D major in order to take full advantage of Easy Guitar Guy's Free Guitar Lessons. So practice as much as you can and learn how to make a D chord on the guitar so we can jam.