Learn How to Make a D Minor Guitar Chord in this Lesson

In this lesson, I will show you how to make a D minor guitar chord. Prepare to be shocked at how FAST you will learn how to play a D Minor chord on the guitar simply by following the chart and photos in our FREE lesson that include everything you need to know regarding proper finger position and strumming instructions.

The Dm guitar chord is one of the 15 chords that every player needs to know so let's take care of this and move on!

To play a D minor guitar chord you will place your:

1st finger (index finger) on the first (1st) string in the first (1st) fret

2nd finger (middle finger) on the third (3rd) string in the second (2nd) fret

3rd finger (ring finger) on the second (2nd) string in the third (3rd) fret

You can get a clear view of the correct finger position for the Dm guitar chord in the following photo.

How to Strum a D Minor Chord on the Guitar

You will strike the first FOUR (4) strings of the guitar ONLY when strumming a D minor guitar chord. Do NOT strike the 5th or the 6th string as is indicated by the RED X that you see in the above diagram.

Avoiding the fifth or sixth string when you strum the minor chord will take some practice but after a few tries you'll have have the strumming pattern and the finger position just right.

If you haven't done so already, please learn how to make an E chord on guitar, the A guitar chord and the D guitar chord that we will use in chord progressions in many songs so that you can start to enjoy your music even before you learn how to play the D minor chord.

Dm D Minor barre chord
D Minor Barre Chord

After you have gotten the A, the D chord, the E chord and hopefully all the other beginner guitar chords down pat we can start playing real songs and start to work on some advanced chord shapes and strumming techniques. Learn these three basic chords before you start work on any of the others and practice making smooth changes while you play.

The guitar D minor chord is included in every musician's list of the 15 beginner chords that you will need to know how to play to take full advantage of Easy Guitar Guy's Free Guitar Lessons. After you master them, practice making a D minor guitar chord because you'll come across it over and over again in songs that you will want to play.