Deck the Halls Guitar Chords & Lyrics! Free Video Guitar Christmas Song Lesson

Merry Christmas, everybody! On this page you will find a free, printable copy of Deck the Hall guitar chords and lyrics as well as a video guitar lesson for beginners. In this video, I will demonstrate how to make all of the Christmas song's chords on guitar as well as a basic strumming pattern.

If you are familiar with the song and know the lyrics, you can simply follow along with the video or you can download and print out the chords and lyrics for Deck the Halls and refer to them during the lesson and then put them in your guitar song notebook to use over and over again. Note that I have all of the chords typed over the word where the changes take place.

Strumming Pattern and Guitar Chords for Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly

If you need some assistance making any of the Deck the Halls guitar chords, just visit our beginner chords chart to refresh your memory.

The chords you will need to know to play the classic Christmas guitar song as demonstrated in the above video are the:

D guitar chord

G guitar chord

A guitar chord

Bm guitar chord

E7 Guitar chord

Deck the Halls Lyrics with Guitar Chords

I hope that you enjoy playing the Deck the Halls guitar chords for your family and friends during the holiday season and that you will visit Easy Guitar Guy again soon to find more free guitar lessons and Christmas guitar song lyrics and chords.