Learn to Play an Em E Minor Guitar Chord in our Free Online Guitar Lessons for Beginners

In this Free lesson, you will learn how to make an Em guitar or an E minor guitar chord. The Em chord on the guitar is considered to be one of the three easiest for beginners to learn. Easy Guitar Guy makes it even easier for those just starting out with a chart and a picture that demonstrates correct finger position and instructions that include everything you need to know including how to strum.

The E minor on guitar is one of the 15 basic chords that every beginner needs and it's really easy to learn so, let's go!

To play an Em guitar chord you will place your:

2nd finger (middle finger) on the fifth (5th) string in the second (2nd) fret

3rd finger (ring finger) on the fourth (4th) string in the second fret

And THAT is all there is to it! I told you that the E minor guitar chord was going to be EASY to play!

If you are having problems, take a look at this picture that demonstrates the correct finger position for this simple chord.

To play the Em guitar chord you will strum all six (6) strings, from the first string to the last, all across the neck. As you will see there are NO RED "X" graphics in the diagram meaning that you will play all of the strings.

Practice strumming across all the strings evenly observing the correct finger position for the E minor guitar chord as demonstrated in the above picture and you will be able to remove this easy one from your list of beginner guitar chords that I ask you to learn .

Speaking of what Easy Guitar Guy wants you to learn, I recommend that you learn to play all of the beginner guitar chords including the A chord and the D chord before learning the E minor guitar chord (or any other chords for that matter) simply because it is so important for you to learn these three chords so that we can start playing some easy songs. If you want to start playing real music as quickly as possible you should apply yourself and learn them NOW leaving the rest of them till later. Practice those three chords each and every day until you can easily change from one to the other without having to stop to change the position of your fingers and we will be ready to play some real music!

The Em guitar chord is one of the simplest of all on our list of the 15 basic chords that must be mastered in order to move forward in Easy Guitar Guys Free Guitar Lessons . Some people like to learn the E minor guitar chord immediately after they learn the E chord, which is alright but hurry and learn the A and the D so we can really start to play.