Free Lessons! Play Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

Learn how to play fast with our FREE video lessons featuring easy guitar songs for beginners with chords and lyrics. We have a variety of easy songs to play on guitar that both adults and kids will enjoy in many musical styles.

Many of the songs can be played using the easiest beginner guitar chords possible. If you find one that you want to learn that is too advanced for your skills simply back up and watch a less challenging lesson. Keep playing and try it again later after you know a few more chords.

Learn to Play Easy Songs on Guitar

Guitar Songs
Guitar Songs

Should I Play the Easy Guitar Songs on an Acoustic Guitar or Electric?

Some of the advanced as well as the easy songs sound best on the acoustic guitar while others are better suited for the electric depending on your musical taste; you be the judge. Some of my friends, rock guitar players who have played with award winning bands, never play an electric guitar at home which goes to show; as long as you play and play often it really doesn't matter if you play an acoustic guitar or an electric.

Sometimes when I play at home, I'll strum an electric guitar that is unplugged because it's quiet and won't disturb everybody in the house. An unplugged electric guitar is not as loud as an acoustic guitar which will keep your wife and kids from getting mad at you because they can't hear the TV.

Please make plans to visit Easy Guitar Guy again soon to see the latest free guitar lessons and easy guitar songs that have been added to the site.