Fender Relic Stratocaster

by Medford

The Fender Relic Stratocaster for sale plays great, looks right and sounds exactly as it should. The guitar is built as if it were a 64/65 transitional model (when Leo Fender was negotiating with CBS to sell the company) and has the correct rosewood slab fingerboard and transitional logo but this is a parts Strat built using all Fender Parts.

The guitar has been set up to my taste and plays perfectly.

you will find a list below of all of the parts involved.

  • The guitar's body is an Official Fender 60's Reissue Stratocaster Body 2008 referred to in the catalogue as a Custom Relic. There is far more detail than found in the "Road Worn" series" which are made in Mexico and you can find at Guitar Center (sans setup) for around $900.
  • Color: Lake Placid Blue
  • Wood: Alder 4.5lbs
  • Pickguard: Official Fender Japan 1962 RI Mint Green*Custom relic with an 8 step hand process.*Dull worn finish
  • Knobs: Official Fender USA 1962 RI aged white *Custom relic with an 8 step hand process
  • Tremolo Cover Plate: Official Fender USA 1962 Mint Green*Custom relic with an 8 step hand process
  • Pickups: Official Fender Vintage Noiseless (All new Fender pots/caps/resistors/5-way switch) with Vintage waxed cloth wires
  • Pickup covers are also Custom relic with an 8 step hand process
  • Bridge: Official Fender 60's RI with big block 2-1/16" spacing
  • Neck: Top grade, Fender licensed, All Parts maple neck with slab rosewood board and finished 6150 frets, reliced to match the body. Tuners are Gotoh and reliced also
  • Logo is the correct (hard to find and expensive) transition logo

The Fender Relic Stratocaster for sale comes with a quality hard shell case or a top of the line Road Runner gig bag, your choice.

I asking $600 for the Strat but I am open to best offers as well as trades for other types of musical equipment, as well as guns, tools etc.

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