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EasyGuitarGuyLessons is the place to find a good, used Fender Telecaster for sale cheap! You can also sell that used Fender Telecaster (you know the one with the neck that never felt right in your hand) without having to pay those pesky commissions if you're finally ready to get rid of it. Why pay expensive prices for a brand new one when there is a whole string of used ones for sale by owner in our classifieds?

Visitors to EasyGuitarGuyLessons are welcome to post their used Fender guitars for sale without ever having to pay a dime in commission or any kind of fees at all. Our ads, like the lessons on this website are FREE!

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List all the details including brand, age, condition of the instrument and your asking price.

How to Advertise Your Used Fender Telecaster for Sale has provided a form that you can use to post as many guitars for sale as you want. There is a place to upload as many as four (4) pictures of your Tele as well as a space where you can list all of its outstanding features including its age and any modifications or problems that it may have. If the guitar has any cosmetic issues, please upload a photo of the damage to include on your classified.

Include as many details in your ad as you can because more potential buyers will make offers to buy the used Fender Telecaster for sale if you seem to be honest about everything and post lots of pictures. Building trust is important when selling a used Fender Tele (or anything else) online.

List everything you know about the Telecaster to give potential buyers an idea of how it plays, the neck or its setup. In addition to your asking price and your location, you might include an explanation as to why you're selling the guitar. If you are having to part with the best guitar you've ever owned because of health issues, if you lost your job or if you've decided that you want to upgrade; just say so!

Invite your fellow players to write a review or share their experiences with their own guitar if it's similar to the Fender Telecaster for sale in your classified ad. Posting a classified online gets your item out there where buyers can find it but the truth is that there are lots of used Fender guitars for sale on the internet. You have to do your best to make your ad stand out in a sea of used Fender guitars.

Put some time in creating a description designed to instill trust and build a virtual relationship with your potential customers. Write so that buyers looking for a cheap, used Fender Telecaster for sale will know that you are someone that they can trust and not some scam artist out to cheat them.

How to Shop for and Buy a Used Fender Telecaster

Those of you who might want to buy a used Fender Telecaster guitar can browse the classifieds until you find one that you like and then use the link below the ad to "Click here to leave comments" and send the seller an email with your questions, requests for an appointment to see the Tele in person or to ask him to quote his best price. If there is a phone number included in the ad, pick up the phone and call the seller to talk to him/her for quicker results.

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