Free Blues Guitar Lessons and Videos for Beginners

Easy Guitar Guy's free blues guitar lessons are smokin' hot straight out of Mississippi. I had the chance to learn how to play the blues on guitar from some of the best blues guitar players that ever lived. I wonder what Mississippi John Hurt would've have thought if I had told him when hanging out on the porch all those years ago that someday I'd be teaching the next generation blues licks and riffs online? He would've thought I'd lost my rabid ass mind.

Blues Guitar Chords

Whether you play electric or acoustic blues, you will need to learn some basic chords and I have some easy free blues guitar lessons for beginners with videos and written instruction that will put you on your way.

Free Blues Guitar Lesson Videos

Stevie Ray Vaughan style slow blues guitar lesson video

This blues guitar video features tips for how to play slow blues Stevie Ray Vaughan style with sliding chords and trill exercises for advanced players.

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Blues guitar chord progression video

Blues guitar chord progression videos featuring beginner and advanced blues guitar chords.

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Howling Wolfe style 44 blues guitar lesson video

Learn how to play 44 Blues guitar licks similar to the ones used in the Howling Wolf version of the song that has been a favorite of blues players.

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12 bar blues guitar chord progression video A7 D7 E7

This 12 bar blues chord progression video features the A7,D7 and E7 chords for beginners.

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Acoustic Blues Guitar

The early blues guitar players all played acoustic guitars because, if for no other reason like Eddie Cusic, they didn't have anything else. I don't think anybody had even considered putting a pickup on a guitar when the legendary Robert Johnson, Charlie Patton, Son House and my friend Mississippi John Hurt were beginning to learn to play. And if they had, they probably wouldn't have been able to afford them.

Electric blue swamp art blues music cypress trees swamp pop impressionist painting by Janice Bays

Mississippi John Hurt was a very soft spoken, pleasant guy that didn't have a harsh word to say about anybody but I believe that he would have thought I was crazy to think that it was possible to learn to play blues guitar from a video or a computer because to him it was more about the "feel" of the music than the ability to play fast and loud.

Traditional Mississippi Delta Blues artist Eddie Cusic playing acoustic guitar

Born in 1926, Mississippi Delta blues artist, Eddie Cusic first learned to play what was called a diddly-bow. A diddly bow was a strand of bailing wire that was nailed to the wall and played with bottle neck or a knife.

Fans of traditional Delta blues music will most likely want to start learning how to play blues guitar on an acoustic. For you, we will have free blues guitar lessons with scales, licks and riffs suited for beginners as well as videos for advanced players.

Electric blues guitar player in Mississippi and young black man just learning how to play blues

Some old-time artists like my friend, Mississippi Fred McDowell, played both electric and blues guitar. They all had their own unorthodox method of playing which came from many hours of playing alone. One trait that they all shared was that they were always happy to offer tips to somebody just starting out so long as they were willing to listen and learn.

Blues Guitar Scales

Blues scales and solos go hand in hand. In my free blues guitar lessons I will teach you how to play blues scales so that you can improvise and play killer solos.

Blues Guitar Licks

Licks, riffs and solos are the mark an accomplished blues artist, get ready to learn tricks that will put you ahead of the pack.

Electric Blues Guitar

Beginners need not shy away from learning how to play blues on an electric guitar. Learn to improvise and develope your own unique playing style.

Please make plans to visit us again soon to see Easy Guitar Guy's latest free blues guitar lessons, licks and riffs that are sure to put a little Mississippi Delta, Memphis and Chicago in your soul.