Free Rock Guitar Lessons Online with Rock Guitar Chords and Progressions

Our free rock guitar lessons section features videos inspired by the world's greatest guitar players and rock and roll bands in the world who created some of the most memorable and recognizable licks, riffs and runs of my life.

Some of the lessons have a section for beginners with a detailed explanation of the chord shapes and their finger positions that will be used in the progression that will then move on to a demonstration for advanced players of how the rock chord progression can be used to play many songs in this ever popular style.

Stevie Ray Vaughan style guitar lesson video

This Stevie Ray Vaughan style guitar lesson features tips for how to play Stevie Ray Vaughan style guitar licks with a few sliding chords for advanced players. Fans of his slow songs like Texas Flood will want to learn these basic techniques.

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Bm Chord Progression Video

Bm B minor guitar chord progression video

This Bm Chord progression features Bm, Em, F#m chords. I demonstrate an easy and an advanced Bm guitar chord progression strumming technique.

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Em Chord Progression Video

Guitar power chord progression 


Learn to play an Em chord progression for guitar. This lesson starts with a basic strumming technique and then moves to a more complicated pattern for advanced players as well as beginners.

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Cm Chord Progression Video

cm C minor guitar chord progression video

This Cm Chord progression features Cm, Fm, Gm chords. The video includes an easy and an advanced C minor chord progression guitar strumming technique.

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Our goal for this website is to provide beginners just learning to play rock guitar thousands of rock guitar licks and riffs and all the information they will need to reach their playing goals. My fondest wish is to give rock and roll lovers that tools to write their own songs and create their own music. That, and an appreciation of blues guitar, which is the foundation for rock and roll, via my free blues guitar lessons.

A friend of mine, who is possibly one of the best guitar players I know, is fond of saying, "You can't play guitar if you break your arm patting your own self on the back" and that's true but I'm going to brag a little and say that when I'm done this site is going to have one of the best collections of video guitar lessons online.

Why do I think my free rock guitar lessons are the best online? That's an easy one; because they work. I break it down so that it's possible to actually play easy rock guitar songs very quickly so that you don't get bored out of your mind all the while building the skills needed to develop your own musical imagination.

Do I teach shredding and tell my students that the faster they play the better they will be? As a matter of fact, I come close to telling them the exact opposite.

I tell them that watching shredders on Youtube isn't going to teach them a damn thing. Start out watching my free rock guitar lesson videos, learn the basic chords, some chord progressions, pick up some rockin' guitar power chords and THEN if shredding is your gig; go for it.

Here's a secret; a lot of shredders can't do anything BUT shred. A few of my ex-students were only interested in shredding and that's what they did. Actually, that's all they ever learned to do and when they got tired of that they realized they couldn't play dead. They either put the guitar down and never picked it up again or they came back and started all over again. You heard it here; shredding is not all there is to learn on guitar.

I hope that you found our free rock guitar lessons to be helpful. If you have a special request or need help with some rock guitar chords, just use the form that you see below on this page to send it to use. Thanks for visiting www.EasyGuitarGuyLessons and I hope to see you again soon.