Free G7 Guitar Chord Lesson Online for Beginners

In today's free lesson, you will learn how to make a G7 guitar chord. The G7 chord on the guitar can be mastered by following the chart and photos on this page that include everything you need to know about correct finger position as well as which strings that we will be strumming.

The G7 is one of 15 basic chords that every player needs to know, so let's get started.

Correct G7 Chord Finger Position on the Guitar

To play a G7 chord on the guitar you will place your:

1st finger (index finger) on the first (1st) string in the first (1st) fret

2nd finger (middle finger) on the fifth (5th) string in the second (2nd) fret

3rd finger (ring finger) on the sixth (6th) string in the third (3rd) fret

I have provided an example of correct finger position for the G7 guitar chord in the following photo.

How to Strum the G7 Chord on the Guitar

To play a guitar G7 chord you will strike all SIX (6) strings of the guitar. None of the strings are left unplayed as you will see from the lack of a RED "X" graphic in the above chart.

Practice strumming across all 6 strings of the guitar evenly and refer to the above photo for correct finger position and you will be able to scratch G7 off your list of chords to learn in record time.

If you haven't already, please learn to play the E chord, the A chord and the D chord ASAP. These three chords are crucial in playing the first chord progressions used in many of the easy guitar songs that I will be teaching you. We can’t begin to play real music and work on advanced chord shapes and strumming techniques until you do. Learn those basic chords and get to the point where you can easily change from one chord to the other without stopping to change the position of your fingers on the fret board and we can get past all this boring beginner stuff and really start to make some music .

The G7 chord is on our list of the 15 basic guitar chords that must be mastered in order to move forward and really learn guitar for free using Easy Guitar Guy's Free Lessons online. ONLY after you learn these would I start to learn to make a G7 guitar chord .