Gibson Acoustic Electric John Lennon Guitar

by Max
(Miami Florida FL)

The Gibson Acoustic Electric John Lennon Guitar is a 70th Anniversary John Lennon Gibson Acoustic Electric J160e Guitar Gibson that comes with a guitar case.

At the request of Yoko Ono, John's widow and mother of his youngest son, Gibson Guitar is proud to offer three 70th Anniversary John Lennon J160E acoustic guitars to celebrate the legacy of this legendary musician and songwriter.

Only a limited number of these handmade acoustic guitars will be available...EVER!

Thirty years after his untimely death, John Lennon's message of peace continues to touch the world and his fanbase continues to grow.

In 1962, John was just starting out as one of the two main singer/songwriters in The Beatles and was struggling to survive on the income that the band was bringing in at that time.

He had his heart set on owning a new Gibson J160E. The problem was that he didn't have the money so the band manager, Brian Epstein, who also co-signed for George Harrison's J160E co-signed with Lennon for the guitar.

What a great investment! Lennon put the J160E right to work making rock and roll history.

Recreated by the luthiers at Gibson's Montana acoustic guitar facility in period-perfect detail, the 70th Anniversary John Lennon models are available in three versions each representing the instrument at three stages of John's life and career.

The first, representing the guitar as it was when Lennon first acquired it and used it on several famous Beatles recordings from
1963 to '64, including Please Please Me, With The Beatles and A Hard Day's Night, has a Vintage Sunburst finish and is limited to 500 guitars.

As for construction, each of the three versions is an accurate rendition of the J160E of 1962, a guitar originally released in 1954 as one of the world's first successful "electro-acoustic" guitars, with built-in pickup and electronics and ready to hit the stage for the professional performing musician. Beloved by Lennon, and kept close throughout his life that ended all too quickly, the 70th Anniversary John Lennon J160E is a guitar every Beatles fan will want to make their own.

Gibson 70th Anniversary John Lennon J160E:
  • is built with a laminated Sitka spruce top with historically accurate ladder bracing and mahogany back and sides
  • has a classic 1960s vintage sunburst lacquer finish
  • has a Gibson Authentic P-90 Pickup
  • features a neck carved from a single piece of quarter-sawn mahogany wood with a comfortable rounded profile and is topped with an Indian rosewood fingerboard
  • has an up-market hardware set including vintage-style nickel tuners with keystone buttons and belly-up rosewood bridge with adjustable saddle
  • comes with a special hardshell case and Certificate of Authenticity

The Gibson Acoustic Electric John Lennon Guitar lists brand new for $4,728.00 but this one is for sale for only $2,691.00!

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