Learn Popular Basic Guitar Chord Progressions in our Free Easy Lessons

We're ready to learn guitar chord progressions assuming you have learned to play A, D and E major. If you haven't taken care of that, do it now. When you're done, we can start playing a simple chord progression using three easy chords while we learning the other twelve.

Before we move on, I'm also going answer the question, "What is a musical key commonly referred to as "the key".

A key is the first note of a guitar scale, the note upon which a guitar key is based. As an example in the A major scale, A is the keynote. In D major, the keynote is D, and the list goes on and on.

Twelve 12 bar blues guitar chord progression in A D E major
Blues Chord
Basic twelve bar blues 12 three guitar chord progression in the Key of A playing A7 D7 and E7 chords
Three Chord
for Guitar

Blues Chord Progressions

Blues guitar chord progressions are based on the three-chord theory. Easy Guitar Guy is ready to teach you easy, three chord progressions for guitar that will make even beginners sound really cool to their friends.

Country Guitar Chord Progressions

The signature of most popular, sad country songs is known to be three chords and the truth. Learn the three chords and worry about the truthful part later. Right now we just want to play the guitar parts and learn some country chord progressions.

Understanding Chord Progressions

Understanding how chord progressions work within the construction of any and all songs is one of the biggest mental hurdles beginners have to jump. While learning the prescribed 15 basic guitar chords, most students instinctively recognize how some chords sound better together than others. But this is one of those moments when learning the mechanics of the situation will pay off big time.

The theory behind this is that in any key there are three chords which appear in practically every basic guitar chord progression. No matter the order; they just sound "right" and work in whatever order you play them or whatever key you play them in.

These are called "primary" guitar chords and they are the foundation of all musical composition.

These three chords can be found in any key by looking at major guitar scales. There's a lot more theory that I could go into here, but we're getting way too technical for where we are in Easy Guitar Guy's Free Guitar Lessons.

Watch the videos where I show you how to play some of the more popular or common chord progressions and all will become clear to you. All of a sudden you will find yourself understanding guitar chord progressions without having to wade through a lot of mumbo jumbo..well maybe a little bit but not so much that it makes you want to quit playing.