Best Guitar for a Beginner for Less than $100

The best guitar for a beginner that I've found costs less than $100! The best acoustic guitar for a beginner actually costs less than $75 with the best beginner electric guitar priced slightly over $100 BUT this guitar is one fine guitar.

Brown Sunburst Fender Strat Stratocaster

The guitar I'm holding in the picture is a beginner Fender electric guitar that costs (drumroll please) $129.99 which isn't shabby considering that it's one of my favorite electric guitars that I own. It seems unfair to label this little beauty as a "beginner electric guitar" when it COULD (but probably won't be) the last guitar you will ever "want" to buy.

To tell you just how well it plays; please direct your attention to the almost identical Fender Stratocaster on the stand in the photo. That is a vintage Fender Stratocaster that I play less than this one.

The fretboard is excellent and it's very playable for anyone with average to large hands. It's rare to find a cheap,electric guitar like this with a tremolo that is so well-made and suitable for practically every style of music from from blues to country to rock. Try it on for size and if you like it; buy an extra. Either the company will "cheap" it up at some point or they will decide it should have a more expensive price. It's the best beginner electric guitar that I've ever found, bar none.

The best beginner acoustic guitar for less than a $100 is also a Fender and at the time I'm writing this, comes with a padded gig bag.

Fender acoustic guitar

For a long time, I believed that the best beginner acoustic guitar on the market was a Takamine that cost less than $100. That was before I found this one by Fender that plays like a much more expensive instrument. When you get it, try it on for size and then have someone set it up with new (better) strings and make a slight truss adjustment to make it sound and play its best.

Either the beginner acoustic guitar or the beginner electric guitar would be a great guitar for a beginner and would probably last most players a lifetime. But most musicians just can't leave it at that and end up building a collection. Be warned that when you learn to play guitar there is always the chance you will become a guitar junkie and as far as I know; there is no cure unless you run out of cash.

Pile of guitars in the studio

But we all have to start somewhere, right?

Finding a beginner guitar that's right for your playing style and size of your hands is VERY important. Finding an instrument for sale cheap is good but not if it's too big, small or unsuitable for the music you want to play.

If you have a guitar for a beginner that you would like to recommend, please tell us about it and make plans to visit us often to see Easy Guitar Guy's latest free guitar lessons and guitar videos that will help you learn how to play fast!