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Used BOSS SL 20 SLICER PEDAL for Sale 
I have a Used BOSS SL 20 SLICER PEDAL for Sale is in like new condition. The guitar efffects pedal comes in the box with the owner's instruction manual. …

Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Pedal for Sale Not rated yet
I may have used the used Boss AC-3 Acoustic Simulator Pedal for Sale maybe twice! It just been sitting on a shelf in the closet so of course, it works …

Used Boss DD-7 in Like New Condition for Sale Not rated yet
The Used Boss DD-7 in Like New Condition for sale is a Boss Digital Delay 7 that has a looper and a tap tempo. Everything on the pedal works perfectly …

Vintage Boss OD-1 Overdrive Guitar Pedal Not rated yet
The Vintage Boss OD-1 Overdrive Guitar Pedal for sale is a vintage, black label boss OD 1 effects pedal that operates fine and will make your guitar sound …

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Information that you should include in your description would be any modifications that have been made to the used effects pedals, cosmetic as well as functional flaws and quirks, the brand and the model number and its condition.

Examples of used condition ratings might be:

  • Like New with Box 
  • Like New Without Box
  • Excellent Used Condition
  • Good Used Condition
  • Used with Cosmetic Issues (describe them)
  • Used with Problems (describe them)
  • Tore all to pieces but I need the money (just kiddin')

Those are just some suggestions but you get the idea; the more details that you share will make your guitar pedals for sale stand out in a sea of classified ads with nothing but a phone number.

What are Guitar Pedals Good For

Okay, I'm not a huge fan of stomp boxes (another name for guitar effects pedals) but the guitar effects that they provide play an important part in some very talented guitar players' performance. So, even though I don't use them; I don't judge.

There are:

Distortion Pedals

Wah Wah Pedals (called Cry Babies back in the day)


Chorus Effects

"Flanger" Guitar Effects Pedals


Uni-Vibes (a favorite of Jimi Hendrix)

Compressor Pedals

The Auto-Wah Pedal

and last but certainly not least is the Multi-Effects Pedal which can include all of the above and then some.

There are Multi-Effects guitar pedal boxes that are so complicated and chain together so many effects that the sound of the guitar is lost; that's kind of why I don't dig 'em. I like for my guitar to sound like a guitar.

However, if you are into effects these bad boys can take of business in a big way. Just be sure to pack lots of 9-volt batteries in the old gig bag because they eat battery power like candy.

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