Free Basic Guitar Power Chords Riffs & Progression Lessons

This free video series will show you how to play guitar power chords, riffs and chord progressions in the style of the great band AC DC There are demonstrations of how the chords are formed up and down the fretboard of the guitar as well as how to strum.

The beauty of basic power chords is that it doesn't matter if you have clumsy fingers and no coordination; you can make your guitar roar and impress your friends and family. Bands that are famous for using a lot of power chords would be Green Day, AC DC, the Ramones, Offspring or the Sex Pistols. Those are just a few of my favorites out of a LOT of bands that use lots of power chords in their songs' riffs and licks.

Video Demonstration Showing How to Play a Guitar Power Chord Progression using the D C and G Chords

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This video guitar lesson will show you the correct finger positions and how to play a power chord progression using a D power chord, a C power chord and a G power chord.

If you need to jog your memory as to how to play the D, C and G guitar chord shapes, simply visit the pages to see the charts.

d major guitar chord diagram chart picture

D Guitar
c major guitar chord diagram chart picture

C Guitar
G major guitar chord diagram chart picture

G Guitar

What Is a Guitar Power Chord and Why You Need This Information

If you've already watched the video, chances are that you've cranked up the amp and are having the time of your life whaling the heck out of your guitar. Who wants to worry about memorizing definitions and boring stuff like that when you're rocking the house, right? But if some brainiac happens to ask you this question (that might embarass you in front of the girls that you're working really hard to impress), you can tell them:

A guitar power chord is a chord that consists of only the root note of the chord and the fifth interval. Got that?

That makes power chords sound pretty dry and not very interesting, huh? BUT.. throw in some high powered amplification and a distortion pedal and WOW! All of a sudden you sound like a real bad boy (or girl) on that axe!

I hope that you enjoyed our guitar power chords videos and that you will visit Easy Guitar Guy Lessons again soon to see more free guitar lessons as we post them online.