Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Blues Guitar Lessons

The Stevie Ray Vaughan style blues guitar lessons will help you to learn how to play some of the licks and chords that made SRV's songs so great. I don't claim to be able to copy his signature licks or playing style note for note, in my opinion nobody will ever be able to pull that trick off.

My goal, as you will see in the videos, is to help beginners just learning to play guitar to see how he incorporated various playing techniques into his music. Stevie Ray's songs channeled riffs, licks and tricks that he most likely picked up from listening to music by the great blues artist, Albert King as well as Jimi Hendrix and many others. He took the best of the best and put it together to create a body of work that was uniquely his.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Slow Blues Guitar Lesson

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