Free Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Guitar Lessons

Our free Stevie Ray Vaughan style guitar lessons will help beginners get a basic understanding of the intoxicating style of, in my opinion, one of the last and best innovative guitar geniuses of our time. I can't teach you his lightning fast licks note-for-note and I won't even try. Even if I could, I wouldn't.

What I can and will do is help you understand how to put together your own original licks and how you can use them to enhance your playing. Stevie Ray set the bar for excellence way to high for anyone to reach but we can have some fun and even write some pretty cool songs with the skills that we have.

Stevie Ray Vaughan Style Guitar Lesson Videos

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Stevie Ray used a lot of trills during his guitar solos as well as in the verses of his songs. He worked them into slow blues guitar solos as demonstrated in Texas Flood as well as in many of his fast, rock guitar songs like Shake for Me.

Our 1st video features a guitar trill, which is a common technique that he turned into something magical, in combination with three sliding chords, the A7, the D7 and the E7.

A7 seventh guitar chord chart diagram
A7 Guitar
D7 seventh guitar chord chart diagram
D7 Guitar
E7 seventhguitar chord chart diagram
E7 Guitar

Stevie Ray Vaughan Guitar Style

My Stevie Ray Vaughan style guitar lessons merely demonstrate common techniques that every intermediate level guitar player has in his repertoire. You see, that's what he did. He took everyday playing techniques that old blues players as well as famous guitar Gods the likes of Jimi Hendrix used on a regular basis and created a sound that was anything BUT common. That was the genius that was Stevie Ray and sadly I doubt that another player with both soul and capabilities like him will ever come our way again..but we can always hope.

I hope that you can find something that you can use in my Stevie Ray Vaughan style guitar lessons and that you will visit Easy Guitar Guy Lessons again soon to see the latest free guitar lessons that I've uploaded. You can't imagine how wonderful it would make me feel if I could help a kid come anywhere close to playing with the finesse and style of the late, great Stevie Ray Vaughan.