Basic Three Chord Progression for Guitar - A7 D7 E7

Learn a basic three chord progression for guitar in the Key of A using the A7 D7 and E7 chords in our FREE guitar lesson. This video will help beginners to get a better understanding of popular guitar chord progressions and how they work.

In the first chord progression that we learned to play we strummed the A, D and the E chords. In this lesson we will be playing in the same way except that we will be making the following chord substitutions:

  1. A7 for the A Major Chord
  2. D7 for the D Major Chord
  3. E7 instead of the E Major Chord

If you have not taken the 12 bar blues chord progressions lesson yet, it would probably be a good idea to head on over to that page and check it out. Beginners will find the information and instructions in that video to be a very good starting point.

A7 seventh guitar chord chart diagram
A7 Guitar
D7 seventh guitar chord chart diagram
D7 Guitar
E7 seventhguitar chord chart diagram
E7 Guitar

The simple three chord progression for the guitar that I demonstrate in the video is in the Key of A and I'm strumming the A7, D7 and E7 chords in a simple "up-down" pattern.

We will be learning how to strum these chords in more interesting patterns later but for the time being, I did my best to keep things from getting complicated so that beginners could focus more on the changes and the how the chords work together.

Make plans to visit Easy Guitar Guy again soon to find more free guitar lessons for beginners as well as advanced players. Practice this basic three chord progression for guitar as well as the others that I've posted and we'll be ready to start playing some songs real soon!