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We have cheap, used bass guitars for sale by owner. Find an upright bass for sale at the best price ever! Finding a stand up bass for sale for cheap can be a great investment for any musician. A band with a dog house bass just looks cool which means more gigs for you, my friend! If there's not one advertised right now; just keep checking Easy Guitar Guy's free classifieds so that you'll be the first in line when one does come along.

You'll save lots of money since our visitors buy, sell or trade bass guitars without ever having to pay a dime in commission. We don't charge for our classifieds or the free guitar lessons on our website! All we want is for you to become a regular visitor and keep posting your classifieds.

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List all the details including brand, age, condition of the instrument and your asking price.

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1975 Fender Jazz Bass for Sale Not rated yet
The 1975 Fender Jazz Bass for Sale is an original, vintage 1975 Fender Jazz Bass Natural with the Rosewood Fretboard and a Case. This is an all original, …

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How to Advertise Used Bass Guitars for Sale

Easy Guitar Guy has posted an easy-to-use form above this paragraph where you can upload a picture of your used electric or upright bass for sale that has a space where you can list all of its wonderful qualities including its age (especially if it's an old guitar) as well as any problems that it may have. If it has issues, do not try to hide them. Instead, take a photo of the damage and upload it on your ad.

The chances of someone buying used bass guitars online increases with every bit of information and the number of pictures that you provide. Building the trust of a potential buyer is key to selling used stuff online whether it be used guitars or whatever.

Tell your potential customer all you know about the bass to let them get a feel for how it might play or what its set up is like.

Tell them why you're selling it. Don't be afraid to say that you have it for sale because you lost your job and have to have the money or because you've decided that you want to trade up or buy some other piece of equipment.

Extend an invitation for people to write a review or share their experiences with a bass similar to the used bass guitar for sale in your ad. There are many used guitars for sale online making it crucial that your ad stand out in the crowd.

Take some time and make your ad POP with information, pictures and HONESTY to let individuals shopping for a used bass know that you are a person they can trust.

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If you are shopping for a used bass, simply browse the classifieds until you find one that you like and then use the link below the ad "Click here to leave comments" to send the seller your questions, requests for an appointment to see the guitar in person or to ask him what his best price might be. Feel free to call him for quicker results if there is a phone number posted in the ad.

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