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Easy Guitar Guy offers FREE classifieds where you can buy used Martin Guitars for sale by owner without paying any insertion fees or commissions when your old guitar is sold. Whether you are shopping for a vintage guitar or just a good acoustic to keep around the house; a cheap price is always better!

On this page you will find ads posted by our musical friends that want to buy, sell or trade used Martin guitars. Below this paragraph you will find a blank form that can be used to upload a picture of your Martin (you can list ads for guitars of other brands, amps or gear as well) and a space where you can list all of its best qualities including its age if it's a vintage guitar as well as any cosmetic issues or problems that it may have. Please consider taking a photo of the guitar with closeups showing any damage or scratches to upload on your ad.

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Offers to Buy and Questions from Our Visitors

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Martin Backpacker Classical Guitar Not rated yet
The Martin Backpacker Classical Guitar for sale ais a Martin Backpacker Classical Nylon Guitar and if you're familiar with it, you already know whether …

C.F. Martin & Company Classical Sigma Martin Guitar Not rated yet
The C.F. Martin & Company Classical Sigma Martin Guitar for sale is Model Number CS2 and Serial Number 9102000041. It has some wear and it currently has …

1954 C.F. Martin Classical Guitar Not rated yet
The 1954 C.F. Martin Classical Guitar for sale is a Grand Auditorium with hard-shell guitar case Model #0018G that is in VERY GOOD used condition with …

Used Martin Classical Guitar for Sale Not rated yet
The used Martin classical guitar for sale is a Martin Classical Guitar Model 000C16SRNE which is no longer manufactured by Martin. It is a beautiful instrument …

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If you are looking for used Martin guitars for sale to buy and add to your collection simply browse the classifieds until you find one that you like and then use the link below the ad "Click here to leave comments" to send the seller your questions, requests for an appointment to see it in person or to ask him what his best price might be or if there is a phone number posted in the ad, call him for quicker results.

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