Learn to Play Guitar with Easy Guitar Guy's Free Guitar Lessons and Videos for Beginners Online

Easy Guitar Guy's Lessons has easy, free guitar lessons and videos that will help beginner guitar players learn to play guitar FAST! Beginners as well as advanced players can take the information from these online lessons and apply it to any style of music.

Best beginner acoustic guitar for less than $100

Here is my recommendation for the best beginner guitar I have ever found for $100 or less.
Learn basic tuning, chords and easy guitar songs in our videos and then move on to pick up tips and tricks in the advanced tutorials that will prepare you for finger picking, blues guitar, classic rock, country.

And yes the techniques I teach you will take you into shredding and heavy metal if that’s what you're into.

Learn How to Play the Guitar FAST!

Beginner Guitar

Easy Guitar Lessons for Beginners

My beginner guitar lessons will help you avoid the WORST mistake newbies make. Stick with me and learn basic chords and strumming techniques FAST, for advanced players, too!

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Guitar Improvisation Lessons

Improvisation is key to playing Blues, Country and Rock music professionally.

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Guitar Chords & Scales

Basic Guitar Chords for Beginning Guitarists

Learn guitar chords, chord shapes and progressions then move on to easy guitar songs that sound anything BUT easy to impress your friends and more importantly, the girls or guys.

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Blues and rock and roll guitar licks and riffs

Learn guitar tricks and secrets of professional musicians.

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Free Guitar Lesson Videos

The beauty of taking free guitar lessons online is that you can proceed at your own pace. The instructional videos and tutorials are accessible at any time of the day or night ready to teach you easy, impressive rock, country and blues guitar chords, licks and riffs.

Mississippi musicians.  Blues music - Lucky Blue Crawdad Quartet Artwork by Janice Bays available on fineartamerica.com

Why waste time learning to read music when you don't have to?

If your goal is to learn to read music (which isn't necessary), our free guitar lessons may not be for you. If you want to learn guitar techniques that will have you playing well enough to play with a band in record time; watch and learn.

You will need to practice, master beginner guitar chords, scales and tuning techniques but once you start to understand how everything fits together, amazing things start to happen; you'll be playing real songs.

We'll cover easy guitar songs at first but you won't be playing beginner guitar chords and songs for long. Adults just learning how to play guitar don't want to play songs for kids so you will learn how to play music that appeals to grownups.

My Credentials

I am a professional musician with years of studio and music production experience and have taught 100s of students (as young as 10 and as old as 80) how to play guitar. They learned very quickly by following my method of teaching.

Some of the kids, the ones whose parents wanted them to learn guitar when they would rather have been watching DVDs or playing with their friends, learned basic guitar chords even though they never picked up the instrument between lessons!

How Old Should My Child Be Before He or She Starts to Take Guitar Lessons

It's never too soon to introduce kids to musical instruments. I've known some gifted pickers that seem to have been born knowing how to play. The key is to have fun with it!

I've picked up a few tricks along the way that I will show you in our free guitar lessons so that people of all ages can learn how to play guitar like a pro.

Don't sweat it; it's easy.

Easy Guitar Guy

Free Guitar Lessons Songs and Chords
Easy Guitar Guy's free guitar lessons blog helps players learn guitar and stay up to date with guitar chords, riffs, licks and tricks for blues, country and rock guitar.
Free Easy Beginner Guitar Lessons
FREE beginner guitar lessons so easy that beginners will learn how to play guitar FAST!
Free Guitar Strumming Lessons
Learn How to Strum the Guitar in our free guitar strumming lessons featuring basic guitar strumming patterns
Free Blues Guitar Lessons and Videos for Beginners
Learn how to play blues guitar in Easy Guitar Guy's free blues guitar lessons and videos for beginners.
Blues Guitar Chords Progressions and Music
Free blues guitar chords lessons, progression and music videos that will show beginners how to play blues guitar.
Blues Chord Progressions and Variations for the Guitar
Free, easy blues chord progressions for the guitar. Video demonstration of easy 12 bar blues chords with variations simple enough for beginners.
Free Rock Guitar Lessons Online
Free rock guitar lessons online. Videos teaching beginners rock guitar chords and progressions
Free Guitar Power Chords Lessons
Learn to play guitar power chords in our FREE basic power chords lessons. Video demonstrations of power chord riffs and progressions.
Free Beginner Guitar Chords Lessons
Free easy beginner guitar chords lessons show you how to play basic guitar chords FAST! Basic guitar chords for beginners.
Minor Guitar Chords Instructions and Diagrams
Minor guitar chords
The CAGED Guitar System Chords Theory Method
The CAGED guitar system chords and theory explained in easy video lessons. The CAGED guitar method simplified for practical use.
Basic Guitar Chord Progressions in Three Chords
FREE basic guitar chord progressions videos. Learn easy three chord progressions popular with beginners because they are basic and simple to master.
Basic Minor Chord Progression Lessons for the Guitar
Free video lessons teaching minor chord progressions for the guitar with segments for advanced and beginner players.
Understanding Country Chord Progressions
Free video guitar lesson to increase understanding of basic country chord progressions for the guitar. Video lesson of country guitar chord progressions for country music fans.
Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners with Chords
Learn to play easy guitar songs for beginners with our FREE lessons. Our videos feature easy songs to play on guitar with chords and lyrics.
Easy Blues Guitar Songs Lessons
Easy blues guitar songs for beginners! Learn to play simple blues songs for guitar and chords.
Learn the Best Guitar Riffs
Learn the BEST guitar riffs and licks. Our free video guitar lessons will give you the skills to learn to play cool country riffs, to blues and famous rock n roll riffs and licks.
100 Greatest Guitar Players EVER
Our famous list of the best 100 greatest guitar players ever is coming closer to 1,000! Add your favorite!
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Cheap Used Bass Guitars for Sale by Private Owners
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Cheap Used Guitar Amps for Sale
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Find a cheap, used electric guitar for sale in our classified ads for used Fenders, Gibsons and more.
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Find the best used guitar pedals for sale by owner for cheap prices in our classified ads.
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